5 Top Tips On Creating Morning Routine

So you’re feeling like you have more to give, want to learn more, be more and achieve more? Well you need to allow for more and your mornings are a great place to start! You look at any successful person in the world and they all have one thing in common. Routines and discipline. You don’t create the life you want without practising the small but important things consistently.  

A strong morning routine sets you up for a productive day, leading to more wins. More wins raise your motivation, creating the momentum that helps you accomplish your goals with greater ease.

5 Tips to creating a Morning Routine 

1. Wake up that little bit earlier
Always feeling like you ‘don’t have the time’. Well here is a perfect opportunity to make the time you need to get done what you ultimately want to. You will create momentum for your day ahead and you’ll feel better as your days run smoother. Start out small, set your alarm for 30 mins earlier and allocate this time to something positive that is going to help create further forward motion for tomorrow. As the week goes on, set your alarm a little earlier each day, allowing a little more time each day to create those winning habits and routines. 

2. Hydrate
Always begin your day with a large glass of water. After 6 – 9 hours of sleep without water, we wake mildly dehydrated. Even mild dehydration can have an impact on our awareness, level of fatigue felt and perceived exhaustion. Low levels of energy isn’t going to help start any day with purpose – so drink up!
Other benefits of hydrating first thing in the morning;

  • Increases alertness
  • Flushes out the toxins produced within our body
  • Helps kick start the digestive system
  • Lubricates your joints 

    3. Practice mindfulness 

    This can be in the form of writing down what you’re grateful for or reciting positive affirmations or setting your day’s intentions etc. It doesn’t have to take long but it can have a massive impact on the energy you bring to your day. 

    4. Move your body

    Allowing time in the morning to get your blood pumping , heart rate up and body active can be done in so many ways and you should focus on ways that feel right for you but here are some examples that can become your non-negotiable or can simply be rotated depending on the day and how you’re feeling.
    Examples of morning movement opportunities:
  • A 30 minute walk or jog
  • Yoga
  • Group fitness class
  • An at home workout

5. Fuel 
We don’t expect our car to continue to run when the fuel gauge says empty so how can we expect our bodies to perform well if we don’t fuel up also?! Before taking on your day be sure to give your mind and body what it needs to perform at its best! Get some feeling and nutritious food in with some protein to help set you up for a strong start! If you are looking to work on a certain area of learning or personal development, this is also a great time to include reading or study of that particular topic to help fuel your mind and initiate the growth you desire. 

See I haven’t gone into the when or what- that’s the part you get to personalise and create to suit you! You get to choose what you do , what you eat and what time you do it. Focusing on making this a realistic fit to you and what is in line with your goals is going to help you commit to it long enough to see and feel the benefits.

At Fitness360 we help women achieve goals taking the holistic approach starting with daily habits that create the success they’re looking for, whether that be in physical strength and fitness or in overall health or nutrition. If you would like support and accountability to do the same check out our website www.fitness360.com.au