6 Small Habits That Lead to MASSIVE Wins!

We are always trying to find little ways to improve and become the best version of ourselves.  Sometimes that means that as individuals we may need to stop and re-evaluate how we do things on the daily. Just by taking a few minutes to implement these 6 small habits, can really help shape the way you approach your day, week, or even your long-term goals.

Here are our top 6 small habits that lead to massive wins:   

1.   Get up when your alarm goes off – get up when you say you are going to, because if you don’t honor that first thing that you say you are going to do for the first thing of your day – it can sometimes implement a ripple effect for the entire day of not achieving what you said you would.

2.   Replace some of your social media scrolling time with something that is going to help you grow – for example reading a book, learning a new language, meditation/stillness – something that will help you reflect and become more in tune with yourself and become a better version of yourself. You never know you may find a new hobby that you never knew about.

3.   Use your down time in front of the tv of a night time for some sort of stretching or rolling or some kind of mobility work – because your body will thank you for it because you will go to bed and have a better sleep and wake up rejuvenated and refreshed ready to go for a new day

4.   Set 3 daily non-negotiables – your non-negotiables might be to; drink 3-4 liters of water a day, move daily, read 15mins a day. This way you will always feel like you have accomplished something for the day

5.   Set out to nourish your body – fuel your body with good nutrition for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The best way to do this is to allow for a bit of planning, this way you will know that you are getting in what your body needs and still allowing for that balance to allow for some added extras every now and then.

6.   Start or finish the day with gratitude – this could be in the form of journaling or just simply writing down 3 things that you are grateful for whether or not you start or end your day like that. Physically writing it down can help your mood, energy levels, understanding and your patience in your everyday life.

So, there you have it. Does not need to be a lot – and the change does not have to be huge, try adjusting what you already do well by even just 1% because in order to see change you do need to do something so why not start small so you can start today!

Yours truly,

Fitness360 x