7 Small changes to start seeing and feeling results!

Often we feel in order to see results we must make drastic changes. Changes that come in the form of a restrictive diet and over training. Although you may see results, taking this approach is not going to be sustainable and therefore we often become tired, demotivated and disheartened leading right back to where we started.  This is why adopting a few small changes to begin with is going to lead to a more successful journey.

When deciding what changes you would like to make, it’s important to consider your current lifestyle and commitments to ensure they best align with your overall goals but are also going to be realistic for you to commit to.

Here are a few examples of healthy lifestyle changes that can be made;

  1. Drink MORE water – Increasing your water intake isn’t just about staying hydrated. There are a number of benefits to increasing your water intake that we may not consider. Benefits of drinking more water include ; Increased physical performance, Body temperature control, Help you feel fuller for longer, Promotes healthy weight management and can assist with weight loss, Increase brain function and energy production, helps to flush out toxins and improves your complexion.
  2. INCREASE your daily steps – Doing something as simple as parking further away from work or choosing to walk rather than take public transport can be enough to see an increase in your daily activity time. Creating more active hours in your day will increase your daily calorie burn and thus help with weight loss and weight management.
  3. STOP Comparing – This is a big one guys, so listen in. In this day and age it is far too easy to compare ourselves to others through social media posts and marketing done for large chain companies or clothing lines. The comparison game can play tricks on our mind and the way we see ourselves including the progress we make. Social media shows peoples ‘highlight’ reals and rarely shows the story behind the picture posted. Don’t allow your progress to go unnoticed just because someone else is also doing well.
  4. Set yourself mini GOALS – As human beings we work better when there is a sense of urgency. Having a deadline or a mini goal will help motivate you to stay committed.
  5. Eat MORE vegetables – Like your Mother always said. You need to eat your veggies if you want to grow up big and strong! Well this is no word of a lie. Vegetables are high in fiber and contain all kinds of micro-nutrients and vitamins that help support a healthy immune system and an active lifestyle. Introducing more greens to your diet will help regulate the digestive system and keep you feeling fuller for longer!
  6. CUT those empty calories – Soft drinks, alcohol, fruit juices and flavored milks are in the spot light here! They come with a high amount of sugar and therefore calories that don’t actually do much to keep you full or sustained. Studies suggest that soft drink can lead to up 5 kg weight gain each year if consumed on a regular basis.
  7. LASTLY Incorporate some strength or resistance training – If you are looking lose weight or drop a dress size, your overall aim would be to work in a healthy calorie deficit meaning that the energy your burn is more than the energy you consume through foods and drinks. Lifting weights helps you to do this as it leads to an increase in muscle mass and having more muscle means your body is burning more calories at rest. The additional muscle requires additional energy and this increases the bodies overall demand for calories aiding in an increased metabolism, which combined with a balanced diet will help you lose and manage your weight.

If you commit to your health and fitness you will see results. Often our excuses are the main thing holding us back, try doing some self assessing to help you understand where you need to start.