7 Ways to Stay Focused

Here are some tips and tricks that have helped me to stay focused and sometimes that is all we need. A little more focus, so I wanted to share with you guys some simple steps to help you stay on track to your goals, whatever they may be. If you feel that you need any help implementing any of these, please feel free to reach out at any time and I am here to help you on your journey.

1.   Have a plan – focus on passion and purpose

  •  Really dial in on what your purpose is
  • Write it out and link a feeling to it – attach a feeling to an action and you can then attach a feeling to the result you are going to get, from the feeling comes your drive to succeed and stay focused
  • Get some accountability. I know that it is really easy to sit there and listen to what you should do and sounds like a great idea, but if you don’t actually apply some rule or measure to that, then sometimes we don’t necessarily follow through with the plan. Get someone to keep you accountable or set mini targets to keep yourself accountable.

2.   Reflection – daily gratitude

Something that has completely changed my life has been practicing gratitude and introducing a  night time routine which usually involves some reflection. At the end of each day I will jump in bed with my journal and write down the following:

  • What went well?
  • What were some glitches
  •  What did I learn today?
  • Today I was proud to…

3.   Stop comparing – just cut it out!

  • Comparison is the thief of joy and it only blocks your growth and your progress. You are blocking your own creativity and joy if you are continually comparing yourself to other people’s journeys. Be present and in the now to focus on your goals and what you want to achieve.
  • Stay in your lane and focus on your own growth and progress

4.   Manage your time – prioritise 

  • Stay focused on what task is right in front of you. You must stay consistent with your plan to get the results you want.
  • Don’t get distracted with what ‘could’ be

5.   LEARN – I have a new program that I really want to share, and it is more about creating the knowledge base and the know how to live a healthy balanced lifestyle ongoing. It is not telling you what to do. It is giving you the framework and how to so you can fill in the gaps to suit your lifestyle. I am super excited to launch this program as I believe it is time to bring it back to learning why we do things.

  • Never think you know it all
  • Be open to trying something new
  • Reflect on where you made mistakes and then you can learn how to make changes to get to the outcome you desire 

6.   Adaptability

We need to be able to pivot and make changes as needed. Have an open mind to news ways and processes.

Being Adaptable = continued results

7.   Celebrate your wins!

We’ve just gone through 6 ways to stay focused and number 7 is to celebrate all the wins that come with each of them. Celebrate that you got up and went for a run or celebrate any little milestone that you hit on your journey.

  • Right here, right now. Write down a win that you can celebrate (If you are a member of our 360 Community Facebook group , share your wins there! )
  •  Lastly, be sure to connect with our community Facebook group to share all your wins and your journey. We would love to celebrate with you!

I hope these tips help you to stay focused and achieve your goals, as you can do anything you put your mind to and we are here to help you get there. Don’t forget to celebrate all the wins along the way and be proud of yourself for how far you have come no matter what!

Fitness360 x