A little Sunday night spot light

It is truly amazing what we are capable of once we set our minds to it. 

@laurajayne_ was attending some sessions while home over a break and knew she didn’t want to lose any progress once life began to fill up again so thinking ahead she came to me asking for a program to keep her moving forward following her most recent knee op! Sent Laura home with a gym program and some tips and 8 weeks later I am in absolute awe of her dedication! ???? The best thing is , we didn’t restrict anything and Laura has not gone crazy feeling like she has had to make too many huge changes ! So proud of you girl! Thank you for trusting in me and following the advice – your a star!!! ⭐

Laura – ” Just wanted to let you know I’m still going with the program! I’ve been doing it every day I haven’t had work ????

I feel so bloody good since starting it 8 weeks ago and have seen some huge changes already, I never weigh my self cause that’s never how I define my progress butttt I’ve lost 5kgs since going back up to Sydney, and my body is slowing getting there in the stubborn areas ????

I still have a bit to go to get to my goals but honestly I haven’t felt this strong and fit since high school (netball days) and it’s all thanks to you! Sooo thank you! ❤️ ”