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Founder Ash started her own fitness journey at the age of 16 years old. Back in high school, hiding behind a different person but knowing there was and she could be more. Carrying an extra 33 kilos held her back from her true potential. Suffering from low self-worth to feeling physically uncomfortable and frustrated. It was a daily struggle with internal conflicts that only created fear and self doubt.

Fitness is what helped combat personal self-esteem and confidence issues and instilled work ethic and resilience both within fitness and other life adversities. “Becoming a personal trainer came with ups and downs, but those challenges were a part of the journey that inspired me to help and support other women gain a strong mind, body and a healthier lifestyle. For me, keeping active is more than losing weight, but rather about overcoming setbacks, gaining a fresh positive mindset, and adjusting to healthier sustainable habits to live a more fulfilling life feeling strong, confident and energetic so you can do it. Now being a mother I have had to adapt the way I approach fitness and love to support all Mum’s in maintaining this crucial part of their health.

As your personal trainer, I am here to create a comfortable, supportive, and fun community for you to achieve success and confidence beyond your fitness goals.”


Our Team



Founder and Coach specialising in pre and postnatal training and nutrition & lifestyle coaching.

I am a Business owner and Personal Trainer but also a Mum, Wife, Aunty, Sister and so much more. Being a Mum first and foremost has opened my eyes to a new appreciation and approach to fitness, wellness, and the overall balance of a healthy lifestyle. I began a weight loss journey of my own years ago which is ultimately what led me to become a Personal Trainer. I hope to inspire other women to prioritise their health and empower them to become the best version of themselves.


Coach, specialising in strength programming and performance PT

I have been through so many different phases during my life, from being healthy and fit, to being overweight & incredibly unhealthy, from binge eating and drinking on weekends, to working excessively to the point of burnout and not understanding what my body required at the time. From injuries & long periods of physical rehab, to finally continually working on myself, which to this day, has been the greatest investment I've ever made, for my own health & lifestyle.

That is why, not only as a PT/Coach but also as an individual who wants to do more, have a purpose & give back - my passion is to help others live a life where they too, can have it all

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