Benefits To Training In Cold Weather

Benefits to training in cold weather

The temperature drops outside, winter kicks in and we get it – this makes a lot of us feel like hibernating indoors and waiting it out till the sunny and longer days return. Exercise will usually take a back seat but if you decide to brave the cold and leave the electric heater behind you…

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Tight hips: 3 Hip flexor stretches to help

3 stretches for tight hip flexors

You may feel a little restricted and tight around your hips but where is this sensation coming from? Let’s explore some common symptoms of tight hip flexors and how they can be treated or maintained to encourage range and ease of movement and body function. How do I know if I have tight hip flexors? …

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Physical Activity Vs Exercise & Training

Physical activity vs exercise & training

There is much to be said about living an active lifestyle and it’s correspondence to a long and healthy life but is there a difference between activity and exercise or training? Let’s explore that and find out which is beneficial for you and at what stage.  Physical activity is your overall movement and your day…

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5 Top Tips On Creating Morning Routine

5 top tips on 'creating a morning routine'

So you’re feeling like you have more to give, want to learn more, be more and achieve more? Well you need to allow for more and your mornings are a great place to start! You look at any successful person in the world and they all have one thing in common. Routines and discipline. You…

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Stretching for Beginners

Stretching has an array of benefits to the physical body but also for your mental wellbeing, making it a very valuable addition to your routine. Getting started can raise some more questions as you move through.You may be holding a stretch wondering, how long you should hold it for, what stretch targets what area, when…

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Wow, so it’s the new year – 2021!! BUT can I just say that I was NOT ready for that January amp up like I have been other years. I felt fatigued , lack of enthusiasm and like I just didn’t quite get enough of a break. Can you relate? Maybe it was emotionally and…

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Staying in your ZONE

This topic is truly relevant at this time of year. People often say, “I was doing really well and then I just sort of fell off the wagon”. Is this you? Have you said this before? Well today I am going to give you some very simple and practical tools to help you stay in…

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6 Ways to cope and stay motivated with an injury

We all have injuries or setbacks at some point in life and it is how we deal with these injuries and setbacks that determine our progress. So how do you cope and stay motivated when you are in this situation? Here are 6 ways to cope or stay motivated when managing an injury.  1.  …

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