Why does my back hurt when I’m doing sit-ups?

Why does my back hurt when I'm doing sit-ups

Lower back pain is a common issue while performing sit-ups and if this is something that you experience, this is also something that can be improved. By strengthening your core muscles and by learning how to perform the exercise correctly using the muscles of your core and trunk rather than your lower back.  There are…

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The Ultimate Advice To Staying Fit In The Cooler Months

The ultimate advice to staying fit in the cooler months

The days are cooling off and maybe your motivation to keep fit is too. Well you’re not alone. A recent Gallup test run over 4 years from 2008 – 2011 shows that up to 50% of people show a rapid decline in regular activity during the winter months. Although a common trend in behaviour, not…

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Why can I only seem to eat well during the week?!

Why can I only seem to eat well until the weekend?

As we look at what might be a contributor to goals or progress not being met , we can sometimes hear ourselves asking… “ Why can I only seem to eat well during the week”. This can be a common thread in anyone who has adopted a healthier lifestyle or way of eating and still…

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Why I can’t keep the weight off

Why can't I keep the weight off?

Losing weight can be a frustrating feat and once you have there can sometimes be some fluctuations. We do have to understand and accept that but all depending on circumstances , these fluctuations can be explained. It is important to gain an understanding of your body and your circumstances so that you can feel empowered…

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What are Macros

What are Macros In the world of weight loss, there are a number of plans, diets and systems you can follow. Some will work and some won’t. Simply put, some are fad’s and some are lifestyles. You can count calories. Or on some plans, points, or carbs. Or you can track one of the most…

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Behaviour change

As you look back to birth and compare where you are now, it is quite obvious to see change has happened. Physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. This type of change is inevitable and as we grow , we come to expect to see change. Behaviour change however and especially in relation to lifestyle and…

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Why Cutting Carbs Is Not The Answer

One of the most common thoughts about being ‘healthy’ is that you should cut carbs or go on a low carb diet to lose weight. Now although that may be the right plan of action for some, it is not the answer for all. To elaborate, let’s look at the benefits of carbohydrates and why…

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6 Signs you are overtraining

Once you get the fitness train rolling you don’t often want to slow it down. Totally get it! Who would want those high vibes and gains to stop?! However this is something that if you are not careful, will slow down on its own accord. To continue to see progress and stay physically fit &…

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How to Increase your activity with little effort

First of all, what would be the benefit to increasing your activity? Well, there are so many that come to mind and listed below are just a few of the benefits from increasing your physical activity levels:  Supports mental health Prevention of chronic diseasesIncreased energy levels throughout the dayDecreased soreness and stiffness from prolonged time spent…

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Pregnancy and working out

This can be a very divided topic between generations and professions so lets share some light on training while pregnant.  Confusion around exercise during pregnancy is widespread. Previously inactive women may be inspired to get moving in anticipation of weight gain in weeks to come. On the other hand, athletic women may prepare to dial…

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