Creating a night time routine

Daylight savings is a welcome change HOWEVER it can also mess up your sleep and your evening routine. When you think about it, the time that you have to be up ready and at work doesn’t change – so it’s important to maintain a quality night time routine to ensure that your sleep and usual day doesn’t get thrown into mayhem either.

Let’s talk through some very easy, actionable steps that you can implement to help you stick with or even create that night time routine, to get the most out of your days.  

As an adult it is recommended that we get anywhere between 7-9 hours sleep a night. The specific amount you need will depend on the physicality of your work, or your day. Everyone’s lifestyles are vastly different, hence the broad time frame of 7-9 hours.

I want you to have a think right now – would you be getting the minimum of 7 hours a night?

Steps to creating a good night time routine

1.   Unpack & decompress – take some time to talk with your partner or write down anything you have on your mind about your day – good or bad and the funny. Other ways to decompress include – having a hot bath, stretching, meditation, journaling, reading or a card game.

**No gadgets or technology – technology keeps our brain stimulated and this is what we are trying to dial down at this time of the day. 

2.   Routine – aim to start your evening wind down the SAME time every day. We are creatures of habit, so let’s create the habit. Pick a time that is going to work for you and allow you enough time to get a restful night’s sleep and to be able to get up the next day and do it all again with the energy you need. If you find that time gets away from you and it’s 10pm without even noticing, then set yourself a reminder. This could be in the form of an alarm or sticky note. You want to make sure you are going to bed AND getting up at the same time each day. By creating this routine, it becomes like an internal body clock.

3.   Comfort – Get comfortable – comfortable pjs, clean sheets, a quality pillow, a good mattress, a weighted blanket, etc. These things can help you get into a relaxed state sooner and to help you stay in that state for a longer rested sleep, allowing you to wake up energized for the next day. 

** Little hint – guided meditation works wonders.  There are so many apps out there. Or you can just use random YouTube meditations that go for hours whilst you fall into that deep sleep. I currently use the ‘Insight Timer’ app and love it!

Lastly, consistency – you want to stay consistent with setting that alarm and picking a routine. Find what works for you and your family and stick at it.

That bold saying of ‘sleep when you’re dead or no rest for the wicked’ is so far from the truth. There are so many studies out there that prove adequate rest and sleep is what keeps us young. It is when we are in our rejuvenation state. It is where our bodies go into recovery mode, when our cells can repair, aiding in us looking and feeling younger. Now who doesn’t want that!!

Yours truly,

Fitness360 x