Finishing what you started

Have you ever set a goal and then not followed through with it because it all seemed too hard and/or unattainable? If you are nodding your head, don’t worry sister, we’ve all been there!

Let me give you an example from my own journey, back when I was in so much discomfort and unhappy within myself. I decided I wanted to change and in my head one of my biggest barriers was the thought of wanting to lose 20 plus kilos. It just seemed like too much and so unattainable. So, I truly understand how it can be a bit confronting to take that first step as you start to think, “how on earth am I going to get there and how will I ever achieve this”

That’s why today, I want to talk to you about setting that big goal, and then working your way backwards and thinking “okay – what can I do for the first 6 months to etch myself closer to achieve that long term goal.”

My biggest advice is to decide what is a reasonable amount to lose when wanting to drop weight. Think about your big goal in the long run and then break it down into small sections and what you know will be achievable. You also want to make sure you pinpoint how you are going to create a healthy lifestyle that will empower you to achieve the goals you have set. So, in the next 6 months you might slowly start to implement new habits – this could be something as simple as a 20minute walk per day. This takes away the pressure of thinking “I have to lose 20kgs” and just lets you focus on the small things such as using that 20mins spare that you have after dinner to go for a walk around the block. Changing your mindset from just one big goal, to thinking of something you can do daily to help you achieve your goals in the long run. 

These things don’t happen overnight. It is honestly something you need to work at day by day. You can’t just give up; you can’t just decide that today is too hard and then never go back to trying again. Yes, you can have days where you feel defeated but the next day you need to get back up, and do it for you!

I love this topic and I LOVE to work with people one on one to achieve their goals. So, if you have a big goal and/or something you want to achieve in 2021 but are still unsure of how to get there – then please reach out. This is what I do and this is what I love to do.

I want to encourage, inspire, and help you understand that this so-called ‘big, scary, and unattainable path’ is only one step away and you just need some extra guidance to help you get started and the support to see it through. 

How to start working towards your big goals TODAY!

Highlight the ultimate goal – write this at the top of your page 
Now think in 6 months time what results would you be happy to see (remembering, you have 6 months time to work on this) 
Now make a list of what you could do on a weekly basis to help make that 6 month goal a reality ? (For example: I’d like to commit to at least 3 workouts per week and nice long walk on the weekends OR I’d like to speak to a coach or dietician about my eating habits once per week)
Now list, “what reward will I see or will get from achieving 6 months of 3 sessions per week ?” This can be anything motivating to you specifically. (For example, I will feel healthier and fitter or I will treat myself to a full day spa if I achieve this shorter term goal)
Let’s take ACTION ! Now is the time to implement your new habits by scheduling them in or making an appointment with someone who can help guide and support you on your journey. YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS STEP! Take inspired action each day. 
Hope this helps you see that you are worth it each and every goal is attainable ! 

Yours truly,

Fitness360 x