Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Wow, so it’s the new year – 2021!! BUT can I just say that I was NOT ready for that January amp up like I have been other years. I felt fatigued , lack of enthusiasm and like I just didn’t quite get enough of a break. Can you relate? Maybe it was emotionally and physically draining antics of 2020 still lingering , Maybe it was the constant shifting and pivoting that left us depleted… 

In any case the new year is here and although I didn’t start it with the same level of motivation as other years, I am BACK! I feel like this week started strong and my motivation to get my Sh** together is making itself known again. (finally, now this feels more like me) 

I want to share with you all just how I got through that sticky time frame of New years and getting back to routine because maybe you’re in the same boat now.

Last week we spoke about new year’s resolutions and setting those goals.This week, I want to dive deeper into actually getting started and how I found works best. 

Firstly, let me highlight what I found NOT to work so well….

Pushing myself back into ‘beast mode’ and full steam ahead on January 1st – This is just not realistic at the best of times let alone after the year we all just went through. 
Taking the all or nothing approach with my eating – In the past I have put strict ‘rules’ and ‘deadlines’ around my foods and taking on a diet mentality at the start of every year, only to hit a hurdle and fall off track for longer than I was on. (If this sounds like you , don’t worry. The next section will help you with this).
Setting unattainable goals – It’s often o easy to set a goal because you think that’s what you ‘should ‘be aiming for or that’s where you think you ‘should ‘be focusing your efforts but like I said last week , if there is any should attached the goal then, there is some tweaking to be done. Also be mindful of setting realistic time to allow you to really find your stride. 

Now let’s focus on what tools helped me find that sweet spot again. Often it’s the most basic of basics that we all already know. 

I started by;

1. Increasing my water again – because we all have access to water, this is the easiest and fastest way to start feeling better physically! Hydrate your mind and body , flush out the extra goodies or toxins from the party season and start fresh.

2. Eating MORE vegetables – another SUPER easy way to fast track your immunity and energy levels. I just feel GREAT after a week of a variety of nutritious foods again!

3. Being more mentally aware of what I am taking in or buying into (i.e. social media) – this can be a biggy! 

4. Take the slow and steady approach to reaching goals – good things take time and time will pass anyway so spend it investing in yourself. 

5. SELF CARE, SELF CARE, SELF CARE and if that doesn’t work, seek support – I was doing all the ‘things’ right…. Reading, meditation and evening journaling BUT that’s just it. I was just doing them in a way to tick off my to do list. It felt like a chore and I just couldn’t relax so I took a break from what I thought I ‘should’ be doing and took a moment to actually tune in to what I ‘want’ to do and that was to just simply unplug and relax. Okay guilty pleasure alert ; I LOVE kids movies, so I found joy in good old Monster Inc. and a bag of pop-corn. Moral of the story, or what I learnt from this is to stay open to what makes you feel good because it can change or alter sometimes and that’s okay. 

6. Visualize how I’d like this year to look – tapping into the emotional feeling of an outcome motivates me but also brings a sense of calm by reassuring me that it will come. Align your energy with what you visualize and the rest will flow. 

So there’s my crash course to the new year “I’m not quite ready yet” feels. 

I’m now feeling more energised and driven back into my work and taking care of my health! Maybe it can help guide you to do the same.