How much planning do you need to do?

Today I want to talk about planning and pivoting. Recently we have all been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster given the ever-changing circumstances that come with COVID-19. I, myself, have been feeling the emotional roller coaster, not only with business but also with personal events and things that have been planned and pushed out. We are constantly changing and having to adapt, hence why I wanted to introduce a word called ‘Pivot’. To me the word pivot means – your ability to get up on your toes and do a 180 turn to continue to push on in the right direction. 

So how do we plan and how much planning is necessary to achieve our specific goals?

Well if you are someone that wants to be able to run a marathon by the end of the year then you are going to have to be quite strategic with your training schedule and the planning that comes with. If you are someone who wants to get back into good health and better your overall fitness you can do this by creating a good routine. 

Let’s break it down and go through some of the stages of change. 

  1. Contemplation Stage: 

This is where people are thinking about change. You might be thinking about making a change and/or changing your habits. You might want to become more motivated and get started. This is where we hear the statements from people such as “I want to get started and join in, but don’t know how” – then quite often there just happens to be some sort of road block and it doesn’t fully come around. Some people can sit in this stage for 6 months and it is quite common that people will hang around this stage, as they do not have anyone or the resources to help them move into stage 2. 

  1. The Preparation Stage:

Let’s talk about the marathon again – this might be where you start to schedule out your training plan or go and get yourself a new pair of runners and a running coach or maybe you start to look at your current schedule and plan where you would be able to fit in some more running. This is generally where people have made up their mind and start planning towards taking action.

  1. Action Stage: 

I personally love this stage because this is where people’s motivation levels are at their highest.  However, we know that doesn’t always last forever, so I’m going to show you how we can move past that lull period. This stage is where you have made up your mind and you have started to make those changes. For some people the change may be as simple as carrying a water bottle around – Small consistent daily changes like this, lead to big results. It is that positive reinforcement and where habit stacking begins. You start to get more confidence, you start to believe in yourself, begin to see some changes in yourself and then you start to see the positive effect you’re having on the people around you.

  1. Maintenance Stage:  

At Fitness360 we have a ‘My Method’ and the four steps in that are; Inspire – Stage 1, Empower – Stage 2, Achieve – Stage 3 and then we go into Balance which is Stage 4. As you can see it all links back. Stage 4 is where we can continue to maintain the healthy habits and to stick to the training routines, this is where we also see changes, as we adapt. You begin to have confidence in yourself,  that you will achieve your goals, by creating and following a plan. You also have confidence in yourself that you now know exactly what you need to do to maintain your progress. 

So now we have gone through all the stages and maybe you have identified that you are in the contemplation stage and you really want to do something but neither have the motivation and/or don’t know where to start, then let’s get you onto that next stage and start taking action. It could be as small as reaching out to someone who has already taken the action you are waiting to or even simply requesting to join our private Facebook group to surround yourself with people who started exactly where you are but are now where you want to see yourself in the future. It’s just about taking the necessary steps to take care of yourself. 

So how much planning?

Well first of all, you need to get clear on what you are wanting to achieve, start to attach a little bit of emotion to your goals because if they don’t really mean much to you than you more than likely won’t follow through (no matter how much planning you do).  

For a long time now, my aim has been to feel healthy and move pain free. Years ago I was training 5 or 6 days a week regardless if my back was sore, or if I was waking up drained or tired, and I would just train through it. In the end my lower back pain came down to stress and inadequate recovery. Once I took a step down from some of the training and types of movement I was doing and managed my stress levels, I felt a lot better. That’s when I started to focus my training on movement and of appreciation for what my body could do and not out of punishment.  When we get up to exercise because ‘we ate a cake the night before’, it is over shadowing your session in a negative way. It is important to do it because you want to feel good and not for punishment for something you have or haven’t done.  This is why we need to find some kind of emotion to attach to the reason why you want to start in the first place. This could relate to exercise or for meal prepping and healthy eating. 

Alright, so exactly how much planning do we need to do?

Meal prep planning example: 

  • Find recipes that appeal to you and will nourish  
  • Write a grocery list 
  • Go to the grocery store
  • Block out some time, 1-2 hours on a Sunday or any day that works into your schedule

If you are someone who wants to start to get into exercise and feel good then you need to take that first step. Reach out and get into a group. Or if you are someone that wants to start going for walks, then you need to plan and set your alarm, and find out where it will fit into your current routine, because there is no point scheduling it in your day at a time where you are already jam packed. It is your responsibility to make a start, no matter how small. 

Ask yourself, “what am I doing and is this helping me to become the best version of myself?”