How to manage your time and find your flow

We are over half way through January – maybe you are still on holidays or maybe you’re back at work but struggling through with no routine and feeling like you need a holiday already?!

Either case life feels better in flow and today that’s what we want to help you create. 

Okay, so we’ve spoken about goals, New Year’s Resolutions, how to set them and how to get started. 

Now let’s create momentum by creating a routine that works! This involves assessing which areas are/have worked for us in the past and tweaking what is causing any friction or added resistance towards where we want to be. 


Working/has worked previously

Knowing what time you are going to train/exercise and how many times per week
Booking sessions or scheduling in catch ups with friends 
Communicating with people in your household 

Having an accountability buddy. Lean on them when you need it or reach out and be someone else’s accountability buddy, this will help yourself as well. 

Food prep – plan and execute. If you are someone who is wanting to feel better within yourself then nutrition is a huge part of that. It is going to make your week flow and avoid the possibility of falling off the bandwagon, as you do not have that extra reason to just duck into the shops and buy take away for lunch or dinner due to being unorganised. 

Setting clear expectations/boundaries. Always make sure that these are realistic and achieved and stick to them.

Not likely to work / has not helped previously 

Setting yourself up for failure by over committing. It can be so easy to overcommit. Try and prioritise where you are committing your time and where you want to be committing your time. 
Not setting clear boundaries. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap just because you didn’t want to stand up for yourself and your goals.  
Not having a specific goal with a timeframe. Goals need to be specific and achievable. Break down your goals to be smaller, more manageable and measurable.
Not tracking progress/celebrating wins. If we do not track progress, then we have nothing to measure how far we have come. If we do not track progress you will not be able to see what is and what isn’t working. We need to see both sides in order to help us achieve our short and long term goals. 

Our aim is to be following more of the list that has worked for us in the past or that is feeling good for us now and try not to fall towards the list causing extra resistance. 

Following the path of least resistance = flow and that is a nice place to be.  

Maybe you found it easier to list all the things that haven’t worked in the past or all of the struggles you are facing now? And that’s okay, the first step is to identify them so now we just want to look at tweaking each to make it work for us! 

Examples of tweaks: 

Setting yourself up for failure by over committing to > looking at current non-negotiable commitments and working around them. These are things such as work, sleep, meals etc. 

P.S. Make yourself a non-negotiable commitment.

Not setting clear boundaries > talking to your family and household about what mornings/nights you might like to have to get to a session or get some exercise in. Maybe even inviting them to be a part of it but not wavering on your time. Things such as inviting the family on your walks or setting up a household challenge. 

Not having a specific goal with a timeframe > setting a timeframe to have something done creates a sense of urgency and ALWAYS makes us work towards that goal. This helps us decipher the difference between which distractions need our time and attention and which are just that… distractions or as I like to call them – shiny objects in the distance.

Not tracking progress/celebrating wins > start by tracking your progress towards the goal to help you acknowledge that the effort you are putting in is in fact paying off! AND always celebrate the wins along the way to reward yourself and create the momentum to the next step. This doesn’t mean you need to go out on a binge week once hitting one goal, but it does mean doing something to reward yourself and celebrate your success without hindering your progress in the meantime. 

And lastly, I want to leave you with one final and very important message. I mentioned it above and I just want to point out how important this step is and that is to: 

“Make yourself a non-negotiable” 

Focus on what you want to get out of this year and ALWAYS schedule yourself in first! 

Yours truly 

Ash x