How to set yourself up for a killer week, EVERY WEEK!

I know that right now, it feels like a change of season, as we have partially come out of lockdown in Victoria.  It feels like everyone is in the mindset of “let’s try and cram everything in because we’re allowed to now” and sometimes that can make us feel a little bit overwhelmed and defeated. Trust me, this can happen to anyone.

So, I am here to help you create your perfect week, every week! As human beings, it is in our nature to want to progress at something and to continue to achieve and reach higher goals. One way that we can help curb this craving is by actually achieving what we set out to. On that note, everyone has the same 24hrs in the day and the same amount of time, BUT some people have CREATED more freedom in their lives and some people have CREATED more commitments.  Let’s just let that sink in for a little bit and think about how you are planning out your week and what you want to create more of.

Let’s get into breaking down the steps to creating your killer week.

1.   ROUTINE – We are all creatures of habit, we thrive and crave routine. Hence step one is to create one. It needs to be a routine that will suit YOU and work for YOU and is not going to create too much friction in your lifestyle. Whether that be with the family life, work life, social life, etc. Create a bedtime routine – go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Then when you wake up, you will have the energy and the brain power to switch on and get ready to smash the day.  

2.   WEEKLY FOCUS – You want to find your focus for the week. It might be getting back to your basics such as 3L of water, bedtime, and/or morning routine. Find something that you want to focus on and write it down.

3.   SET UP YOUR 7 DAY FORMULA – Sit down allocate some time to set up your 7-day formula – this could be a Sunday or Monday morning thing. With your focus in mind, you want to start to block out your week. If you have a non-negotiable then they are the things that go in first and you MUST find time for them. For me that is to move my body every day, so I make sure I schedule this into my days – everyday. Again, make sure your formula is not going to create any friction within your lifestyle and it is going to help serve YOU!

4.   LEAVE MICRO MOMENTS – leave yourself some micro moments throughout your day and your week. This is for some down time, where you can give attention where attention is needed. Either towards yourself, loved ones or some time for when unexpected things pop up.

5.   REFLECT – Take some time to check in with what went well and what worked and what needs some adjusting. You might need to change things up from week to week to find out what works best for you. Drop the expectations and just give it a go. YOU are in control and you need to take ownership of where you are at. You can say yes, or you can say no.

I used to get told and hear things all the time such as – “are you living in reality” “are you even in the real world” BUT it is possible to find space – take ownership and make it your thing, this is your time.

Yours truly,

Fitness360 x