We believe that journaling and unpacking your days/ feelings can be a great way to help bulletproof yourself so nothing can shake you! In uncertain times like, well all of 2020 right? It is important to take care of ourselves and journaling has become just one of the methods I have adopted to help me do just that. Today we want to help you with some tips and tricks on how to journal and continue to bulletproof yourself too. Whether this is something you need to do right now to help cope with restrictions or for daily life in general – we are here to help! Journaling can be so helpful, especially when you haven’t had the best of days. It then allows you to look back and realise that there were and are always good points to every day. So let’s see how you can get started. 

Firstly, you will need to get yourself a journal or something that you can mind dump everything on to. Just a heads up for any one new to this type of thing – journaling does not need to be you writing down your entire day in every little detail and it does not need to be three pages long. However, if that’s your thing, then by all means, please go for it!

So, let’s get into it. Here are a few prompts and steps to get you started.

Gratitude prompts

  1. List 3 things you are grateful for today can be anything that you are thankful you have, you can do, or who you are
  2. What happened today that made you feel grateful to be who you are today?
  3. Who are you grateful to have in your life and why? – important to elaborate on why they are so important and so valuable to you. Especially if they are good feelings, keep that ball rolling
  4. What is one lesson you are grateful for?It is important to take ownership for everything, even the things that have gone wrong in your day
  5. Where are you happiest?Describe that place, who is there with you and why it helps you feel happiest. This will bring up so many good feelings, especially if you have had a bit of a rough day.

We always say start your day with gratitude so if you are just starting out with journaling then that is a great place to start. But if you would like to dive a little deeper, you can begin your day with any of the below prompts. Just a few things that can help start your day on positive note

Morning journaling prompts

  1. Today I will be happy to ……. this could be anything small or big for that day
  2. My intentions today are……… this can be instead of writing a to do list, which we all know can get a little overwhelming sometimes and feel like it’s going to take a lot of hard work to get through. Allows You to set small goals to meet. Encourages you to set a positive vibe from the start of the day. This can help with your mindset and less stress and anxiety about getting things done.
  3. If I am faced with challenges, today I will ……. Fill the blanks. Example: “take a deep breath and rethink my strategy”
  4. Affirmations…. I am strong. I am able. I am capable. I have all I need to succeed. I am brave. I am limitless. Today I am going to back myself!!

A great way to cap off the day is to jot everything down that is playing on your mind, but also unpack the good things and the lessons from that day. This can be done just before you head off to bed or before you go to sleep – this way you can clear the mind before starting a new day.

 Evening journaling prompts

  1. Today I learnt…. Could be 1 thing or it could 10 things
  2. Today I experienced ……. a rewarding conversation, meeting a new friend, the funniest thing, a whole new high/low and explain all of these
  3. What is one thing you did today that made you proud? – This is so great for whenever you may be feeling down as it will provide you with something to reflect on and be proud of yourself at a later date when you may need a ‘pick me up’
  4. What is one memory from today that makes you happy?might be a joke you had with someone or hitting a PB during a workout – anything that makes you smile
  5. What is something today that you had discomfort with or felt resistance to and why do you think you felt that way? – really unpack here. Let’s say you are feeling a little bit anxious or stressed – this is where you can let go and get all those thoughts out onto paper and clear the mind

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own journaling. You could write down all of the above or you could simply just let the mind and hand flow and enjoy some free writing about your day.

Remember this is for YOU and you only – so let that mind go, get that pen and paper out and happy journaling superstars!

Yours truly,

Fitness360 x