Motivation Vs Consistency

The past month we have been talking about the “new year, new me” vibe, and whether you are feeling motivated and ready to go or not. The truth is some people are just not there yet and that is okay, and some people have started with a hot bang and are now starting to sizzle out. There are so many different reasons our motivation can be affected and for everyone it can be totally different. Let’s just remember motivation is not always readily available when we need it so this is where we want to create consistency. 

Let me share my top 8 tips on how you can create consistency and not rely just on motivation.

8 tips for when you are lacking motivation:

1.   Post workout glow – Think about how GOOD you are going to feel once it’s done. We all know that post workout feeling that you get after a workout and how good it makes you feel. Most of the time it’s not even about wanting to do the workout itself but more about just getting there and actually getting the workout started, the post workout glow will follow.

2.   Take the ‘something is better than nothing’ approach – Believe it or not, even just 20 minutes of movement is better than nothing at all. This will give you that mental and physical break from whatever it is you are doing, and the benefits will far outway any negatives. I can almost guarantee your motivation will be found along the way and you will probably find yourself doing more than you had planned, just because of those incredible workout endorphins our bodies produce.

3.   Progress over perfection – This can be a hard pill to swallow when you are first starting out as we all have big goals and ambitions and then something might interrupt your routine and another hurdle pops up. BUT you just need to remember that a little bit of progress over perfection is going to be better for us in the long run and it is going to be 100% more maintainable. Remember, consistency = results.

4.   Mix things up – If you are starting to feel like it might be a bit of a drain or drag to go for your regular walk, then mix it up. Go and do something different or change the location of where you do your daily exercise/movement. Change your routine and/or type of exercises you are doing.

5.   Remember your why – when we talk about setting goals we always want to talk about our why. Remember this when you are not feeling super enthused about the workout. This will (hopefully) spark a little bit of motivation to get there or to help get that daily movement in.

6.   Motivation is not always required – Just remember that motivation will not always be around. This means that if you are not feeling motivated, do not just give up and choose not to continue towards your goals. If we didn’t work towards our goals every time, we were not feeling motivated, we would never reach our goals. This also means when you feel any type of inspiration take inspired action in that moment – that is where you need to start. You are not going to go from 0-10 over night.

7.   Reward yourself – Set yourself little goals and reward yourself along the way. This is going to help keep consistency and ensure you have something to aim for.

8.   REMEMBER even the pros struggle – We ALL struggle, not even the best of the best in their leagues will always feel like training or find it easy to keep motivation. They are at the elite level because of their struggles and it has been up to them to make it count.

It is so important to lean on people who inspire you – everybody starts somewhere and remember even the people that make it look easy have hard days but in the end, it comes down to discipline and reminding yourself of ‘your why’.

You do not always wake up motivated – motivation is created by your mindset and we should never rely on it by itself. It’s totally normal to lack motivation and to feel the struggle but if I’m being honest our ‘struggles’ are essential to help us get to where we want to be.

Create consistency and stay consistent – life is a marathon not a sprint.

Yours truly,

Fitness360 x