New Year's Resolutions & How to Kick Start Your Health

So here we are again; in that – New year , ‘New me’ cycle most of us find ourselves in every  January. 

We ;

Make a New Year’s Resolution → Get EXCITED → Start to lose interest ↴

BREAK our New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you’re ready to bounce straight into your new fitness routine or struggling to actually make a start, these next 5 steps are for you!

1. Choose the right GOAL  
If you are setting a goal because you feel like you should’ then perhaps it’s not one you are going to stick to and may need some tweaks or consider dropping it all together! Follow my G.O.A.L setting formula below to get clear on what you would like to achieve and set the right goals for you. 

G – Gets you excited 

Meaningful, personal and excitable! 

“You need to fall in love with the journey to really enjoy the final destination”. 

O – Over time

Think about it from the perspective of where you are now Vs where you would like to be and instead of saying “I want to lose 10kgs this year ” look at what needs to happen in the 12 month for you to achieve that.  

A – Achievable 

Break it down into smaller micro steps or goals that you are likely to achieve, so that the final step doesn’t seem so far away.

L – Long term / Lifestyle

How are you going to make this a long lasting success. Think about whether what you are setting out to do can be sustainable for the long term. If you can’t see yourself doing it for a straight 3 months then maybe this goal needs some tweaking to fit into your lifestyle. 

2. Bridge the gap 
From where you are now to where you want to be , what needs to happen? What changes may you need to make and how can you implement these changes to fit into your lifestyle. For example; If you are wanting to be able to run 10kms , this might be investing more into your training or talking to a coach to help you with the recovery and nutrition to help you reach that goal. 

3. Break it down
Creating sub goals and marker points allow you to feel as though the end goal is in sight and attainable. Be sure to reward yourself at the completion of each stage so you can feel that sense of achievement and drive towards the next point!

4. Flip your thinking
Rather than thinking what I can’t have or can’t do , Think what you can have and can do or will be able to do once you have accomplished what you have set out to do. For example ; Setting out on that 10km run with the confidence that you can make it the distance feeling energized and healthy!

5. Don’t do what you have always done!! 
Look, if that approach hasn’t worked for you in the past then the likelihood of it working this time round is pretty slim so, get clear on where things derailed last time? What can you change or improve this time to ensure you achieve the goal once and for all? If you have always gone no carbs and loads of cardio but lost interest (or energy for that matter) so gave up then maybe not the approach you want to dive into again. Maybe you have taken the all or nothing approach and said ‘NO JUNK FOOD’ for a year! But this can only increase our craving for junk or bring up some serious restrictions and rules that only make us want to rebel and feel like a failure. 

Sometimes we choose a goal that is too ambitious and I get it! You’re excited, you want to see the results and have the body of your dreams , like yesterday! But this is the exact approach that has seen us with the same New Year’s resolution on our list every January so why not change it up and follow this new method to setting those New Year’s resolutions and get them off the list once and for all! 

Happy 2021 , we wish you all of the success and good health!