Satisfy those sweet cravings with this sweet little treat

2x crumpets + vanilla Yopro + fresh strawberries + honey ???? BAM! Delicious!
Balance is the key ????
This is not something I would eat everyday but also not something I am ‘ scared ‘ of eating. I try not to label foods as ‘GOOD or BAD ‘ because I believe that’s where we start to create unhealthy habits and an unhealthy relationship with food. Behaviors such as binge eating, or emotional eating can start to show when you constantly tell yourself you can’t have that or you shouldn’t have that and when we do… then comes the guilt, which starts a whole new restrict / binge cycle. This can be a really hard habit to break but with the right guidance and support it is totally possible to overcome ! Flexible dieting and tracking your food to suit your individual nutrition needs are great ways to get a handle on your health – In my experience, the most successful.
Taking on nutrition clients in 2020! Stay tuned if you would like some guidance in this area ???? ,
Happy weekend ✌ Stay safe