Seasons of Health and Fitness Goals

When it comes to having fitness goals and training towards them, we must allow our bodies and minds the necessary time to rest and recover. This is where the notion of moving through seasons comes in. We always want to stay consistent with our health & fitness but it’s not realistic to be going absolute beast mode all year round or maybe your goals have changed and you need to train for a specific event or sport. This is where you would be needing to amp it up and see where you may need to make sacrifices to achieve a result.

You ought to be aware of what stage of your fitness journey you are at so you can set the pace and intensity to get to where you want to be. Identify what your goals are and then set realistic time frames and expectations around your already consistent commitments so you don’t set yourself up for disappointment when you struggle to achieve what you said you would. That could be the difference between achieving your goals and completely falling off the wagon because you had not set realistic expectations. The difference between getting to the gym or being so busy at work that you don’t have time to get there 5 days per week. 

Things to consider once you have set your goals and time frame:

  • Consider your lifestyle and current situation before anything else. After that, we’ll be able to set expectations for you, both with regard to yourself and those around you. What you can still do with your current work/life commitments, how much pressure you can handle, and what you can still fit into your schedule. The reason being, that when we are anxious or pushing ourselves too hard, a stress hormone called cortisol is released, which will not aid in maintaining a healthy lifestyle or assist with weight loss, and may even encourage overeating. 
  • Are you regularly working hard enough to attain your goals? If you are trying to accomplish the same thing that you were trying to a year or 5 ago, you have either not been consistently putting in the work necessary or you are simply setting the expectations you put on yourself too high and continue to stop/start the process. 
  • What changes may need to be made to how you already live? A Lot of people say they want to lose weight but alot of people also continue to binge on weekends, over consume alcohol and lack consistency in their training or exercise routine. Take an honest look at what your habits are and how they could be affecting your success
  • Do you have the help you need to accomplish them? Accountability is key when it comes to fast tracking your results. Reach out to the right people and seek guidance on what you may not know yourself. 

What to understand and what can be done to support your goals….

Consistency is always what will see you through to your goal. Maintain consistency and you will achieve anything. For example; If you need to lose weight, you must train consistently and keep track of your nutrition, including how many calories and macronutrients you are taking in each day to ensure you create an energy deficit. This is what will allow you to lose weight in a predictable period of time.

However we don’t always have to be striving and pushing for something big and life altering so we may just want to take it back a notch while life and work commitments dial up. Thats okay. Respect this time, knowing that when you’re ready you can level up again and push hard for what you want.

So this is why it is  important to implement strategies that will help you maintain a routine that works for you all year round adjusting as you go. Speeding up and slowing down is necessary to keep some kind of consistency and help you continue towards your goals no matter the season of life you are in but also be ready with the habits already in place to jump in head first when you are ready to level up  because consistency will outweigh waiting for motivation every day of the week.