Okay, let’s talk about self care.

Self-care does not necessarily mean that you need to go and get a 2-hour facial, or your hair and nails done to be ‘taking care of yourself’. We just need to do the little things that make us feel supported, encouraged, and GOOD about ourselves.

One of the ways I like to treat myself is knowing when to have a sleep in to take it and enjoy a slower morning. I like to get up and do some yoga with some extra stretching, just to loosen the body after a big week of movement or desk work.

Here are some of my ideas of self-care for you:

  •  Have nice hot shower, exfoliate, put on a face mask and/or tan with some of your favorite tunes – this might look a little bit different for you but whatever makes you happy in this way
  • Do something that lets your mind relax and brings you joy. This could be doing something like JUST DANCE or a board game in your lounge room. Have some good old belly laughs and/or get a sweat up and get those endorphins pumping.
  • Have a cup of tea, just stop and breathe for 5 minutes
  • Light a candle of your favorite scent. You can get all different types of candles with different scents for different ‘moods’ for e.g. Relaxation and calming scents.
  • Read a book or listen to a podcast for even just 10-15 minutes – this allows you to recharge with your sole focus only on the book or podcast
  • Walk – go outside and just take a little stroll. It can literally be 10-20mins, this will still make a major difference to your physical and mental health
  • Foam rolling – helps to relieve stress and tension in the fascia, helps to promote blood flow. Therefore, rolling should start to reduce stiffness and soreness which in turn will help to relieve stress from the body
  • Journaling – start by writing “Today I am grateful for….”. Can be done first thing in the morning or the last thing before you go to sleep.
  • Every few weeks I like to really treat myself to a remedial massage at the end of the week. I love deep tissue massages as it relieves my muscles from training throughout the week but also, believe it or not, sometimes our muscles are sore and tense from not just training, but from being stressed and/or worried. One thing I have learnt lately is  where in the body we carry stress and tension and where in the body we carry worry. I have really noticed whenever I get worried, tense or start to feel anxious – that is when my back starts to ache and starts to feel really tight, then my neck, shoulders and traps start to ache as that worry and stress increases. Whenever I feel like I am getting really low on energy –  that is when my hips start to get really tight. 9 times out of 10, it is a buildup of emotions in my body. Your stress levels can show up physically, as well as emotionally. Be mindful of this. 

Self-care is anything for you that makes you STOP, BREATHE, and helps you feel RECHARGED. So, for some people feeling recharged is going for a run and getting that body moving and working. For others it might be having that Epsom salt bath, with some candles. It might be sitting on the couch, with your loved ones enjoying an ice cream and watching the footy.

There is no right or wrong way to incorporate self-care. Let’s raise the vibes and bring back all the good feels to our lives daily – EVERYBODY deserves to have their 5-10 mins of ‘cup filling’ – rather than giving to others ALL of the time!