Staying in your ZONE

This topic is truly relevant at this time of year. People often say, “I was doing really well and then I just sort of fell off the wagon”. Is this you? Have you said this before? Well today I am going to give you some very simple and practical tools to help you stay in your zone and help you be a leader in your household, friendship group or even the community.

One of the biggest tips I am going to give you is, DAILY MOVEMENT – this is something for me that is honestly a non-negotiable. Whether that is just a small walk, a high intensity workout or it can be an active recovery day. It is just about getting up and moving. Our bodies truly thrive from movement. If you are nursing an injury, then just do some movement that is adjusted to where you are at. Do not put the pressure on yourself to be more than you can be for that day.

My second tip is to say HELL YES, to your goals because they are still attainable and achievable. Be persistent with the goal but flexible with the plan. If you are someone that wants to get in 5 sessions a week then commit to that and say HELL YES – take actionable steps to get there. Are you someone who wants to change up your nutrition to be a healthier and happier version of yourself, then say HELL YES and get to it!

Stick within your boundaries but allow space for your “you” time. It’s not being selfish – you need to be at your best and you cannot be at your best if you are continually giving elsewhere and not refilling  your own cup.

The last one is to stop getting distracted by the next ‘shiny’ object. For example, the so-called “miracle weight loss pill”. You need to find what works for you and you need to be able to stay on track and on your own path. If you keep changing your route or your path to another destination you are never going to get there, or you will take so much longer to achieve your goals.

It all comes down to consistent behavior. If you are someone who does feel like you fall in and out of routine because you haven’t got a ‘driver’ or a ‘why’, then reach out because this is one of my favorite things to do. I like to dig deep with people and find their ‘why’ and help them follow through with it.

If you are feeling like you do not have the drive or motivation to reach your goals, then do it first – do it in the morning. GET IT DONE. This could be meal prep, exercise or even your daily steps. If your current routine is not working and you are not reaching your goals, then you need to change it up. Start changing the way you do things, so you are not stuck in the constant cycle of falling off the wagon.

Have you got something that you want to achieve by the end of 2020 – believe it or not you still have time! Say HELL YES to achieving your goals and let’s get to it – we are not here to sit around and wait for 2021 – let’s get it done and let’s get it done now!

Yours truly,

Fitness360 x