Staying on track whilst travelling

Hopefully, we will be able to travel a little more now as we enter our new “COVID-19 normal”.  However, getting back to exploring and travelling does not have to come at a cost to your health and fitness goals. Therefore, we have put together a few tips for you to help you stay on track while travelling.

1.     Pack your own healthy snacks – especially travelling on the road. Pre-cutting some carrot and celery, pop it in a container and it’s ready to pick at along the way when you get peckish. Small, pre-packaged snacks like popcorn, yoghurt, protein bars are great. Protein is a nutrient that we need and helps keep us full. But it can also be the hardest to get in whilst on the road. If you think about any type of service station the most common grab on-the-go type snacks are pies, hot chips, dims sims, potato cakes, packets chips and lollies  – none of which will give us the adequate protein or nutrients we need for the day. However, if you are prepared, with your own snacks you will be less tempted to go and grab these foods from the shelves.

2.    Stay hydrated – keep a water bottle on you. Make sure that you are still drinking your minimum of 3L a day. Especially considering that generally on holidays we are consuming foods that are a lot higher in salt and/or drinking more alcohol. You want to keep your body functioning at it’s best and high on energy so that you can enjoy all of the things on your holiday. Adding a few drops of lemon oil or fresh lemon slices can also help with detoxing from the change in diet and make the water more enticing to drink. 

3.    Try not to overindulge at every meal – we know that this would be amazing but try and rein it in for most meals and allow for some form of protein in every meal. Plan some cooked meals if you can. Try to take your breakfast ingredients with you so that most days you can be organised and have it before you head out for the day of activities.

4.     Try and focus on “real” food – head to the local markets or shops to stock up on some fresh snacks and fruit. Look at the menu at the restaurants and try and focus on giving your body some real, nutrient dense foods and choose mindfully – in saying this we know that when on holidays we like to go all out and that is totally fine but just making sure we are still providing our bodies with the essential nutrients we need daily and just try your best to not overdo it on the processed foods every meal.  

5.     Be sure to get some sort of physical activity each day – go for walks, take tours, bike rides, find a gym and or take your bands and jump on Fitness360 on demand and select a workout from the incredible range we have uploaded for you guys. Aim to still get your steps in everyday and go on some adventures to get that body moving and see the sights along the way – it’s a win, win!  

6.     Don’t stress – you are on holidays; you are allowed to enjoy yourself. Even if you do over indulge a little, please don’t stress! You can pull it back together when you get back and you will not have lost all of your work and progress in that short period of time and know that you can pick up straight from where you left off. We do not want you to feel extra stress and restrictions whilst away on holidays, you really do want to make sure you enjoy it.

Be a mindful traveller, do not go away and throw away all your hard work – just be mindful, stay hydrated, keep active and focus on enjoyment and quality time with loved ones.

Happy travelling fam!


Fitness360 x