Why I can’t keep the weight off

Losing weight can be a frustrating feat and once you have there can sometimes be some fluctuations. We do have to understand and accept that but all depending on circumstances , these fluctuations can be explained. It is important to gain an understanding of your body and your circumstances so that you can feel empowered with the knowledge but also confidence to feel in control. This is totally attainable and will all depend on the way you go about your weight loss journey. If you have ever invested time into losing weight only to find that all the weight you lost has again found you, then it’s time to buckle up and explore these explanations and answer your frustrations. 

Here are some reasons your weight loss isn’t lasting;

Too restrictive to begin with

Many people when looking to lose weight head full steam ahead on the ‘Cut calories , restrict certain food groups and go mad on a new exercise routine. Although this can help render some results in the initial weeks it may not be sustainable. Ensure you are allowing for some balance and enjoyment within the new plan or habits to help you feel satisfied and able to maintain the consistency needed to create lasting change. 

Over committed 

Did you look at the new habits from an integral part of your current lifestyle or was it a complete flip to your usual routine having you committed to extra hours training, cooking, preparing and planning? It’s important to implement small changes and build on increasing positive habits over time, so that they can become a part of your current lifestyle and not a chore or a burden. This will help you see it through to achieve your goals AND maintain your progress! 

Don’t follow it long enough for it to become a habit

Again, if you are not able to practice good habits for 30 days + then it’s likely this behaviour has not become a habit that you will continue to do. So to avoid ‘falling off the wagon ‘ ensure you stick to something for a period of time allowing it to slot right into your daily / weekly routines. We can’t expect to save $50 a week but only do it for a month and then see $600 in our bank account at the end of the year right! Same goes with exercise and nutrition. We need to stay consistent to achieve and maintain results. 

Took up fad diets / well marketed promises
Allowing yourself to fall victim to the next skinny pill or magic detox drink on the market promising all the health and weight loss benefits is only going to leave you back in the same place you started when you can simply no longer swallow another pill or can stand to take another sip of that promised 6 pack in a bottle!

Doesn’t suit your lifestyle

It’s important to be frank with yourself here. Does this new diet or exercise plan suit your lifestyle? Does it add any benefits to your lifestyle or is it just adding to the stress odometer and demanding too much from you or giving you too little? Is it within your means ? Do you enjoy the way it makes you feel? 

Tips to finding something that suits your lifestyle:

Find an exercise routine that you enjoy but also continues to challenge you on the occasion 
Join or start with a friend or accountability buddy
Include variety so you don’t tired of the same old meal or the same old workout
Plan around your current non-negotiable (personal commitments such as work and rest time) 
Invest in something that is going to teach you how maintain the results and create sustainable habits

Didn’t learn anything? 

So you’ve gone on a 6 week challenge and you have lost some weight, feel your fitness has increased. GREAT! Now what?! You may be left feeling a little lost or unsure where to go or how to maintain this progress. This is why it is so important to look at the program, challenge or diet you are about to embark on and ask what else are you going to walk away with once the program is finished. If you don’t learn anything , this is where you can start to fall back into old habits simply because you don’t know any better or haven’t been taught the importance of why you are doing a particular exercise or focusing on your nutrition. 

At Fitness360 we focus on all of the above, making sure exercise is enjoyable and results driven. We have created a community for women to feel safe, empowered and inspired to reach their full potential. We pride ourselves on educational nutrition programs that promote learning and building sustainable habits for lasting change.