Why we are going to come back even stronger in 2021!

Are you ready to make 2021 your absolute best year yet? If your answer is HELL YES then lets go!

As we know 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year, filled with lots of learning and so many constant changes and unknowns. But because of this, we know we can bounce back and straight into 2021, stronger and more capable than ever before.

3 takeaways from this year:

1.   Crisis creates opportunity – there is always an opportunity. You can either look at 2020 as being the “worst year yet” and feel completely down in the dumps OR you can go “WOW this year has taught me so much resilience” and be ready to use that to help you into 2021.

2.   Proximity is power – the top 5 people we spend time with are the average of our success and happiness. The people you choose to spend all your time with have a massive impact on what you desire , strive for and achieve. Create a proximity that empowers and challenges you to go in the direction you deserve. 

3.   Leveraging happiness that fuels success – The happiest people attract success. Ask yourself; what are you doing to choose happiness today? If it does not bring you joy then refocus your energy towards something that does.

So how can you rewire your tomorrow and your 2021?

Here are some helpful tips that we have always used and reiterated throughout the year.

·         Stay in motion – emotion is inspired by motion. Try to be doing something each day that keeps you progressing towards where you want to be and understand that there will be imperfect days but continue to practice imperfect action and do not let one bad day or week make you drop the ball completely. Keep on going no matter how high you carry that ball – do not drop it.

·         Live in gratitude – where focus goes energy flows. Think of what you are grateful to still have and how lucky we are to live in a privileged country like we do.

·         Celebrate wins – no matter how big or small. Make a habit of celebrating every win you have. This has a flow on effect. Acknowledging hard work and dedication gives us the drive to continue to achieve bigger goals.

·         Foster optimism – humanities greatest gift is our freedom of choice. You have a choice every single day. You have a choice to get up and move daily. You have a choice to choose how you show up as a person, including the attitude and power you bring.

We know you want to make 2021 your biggest and best year yet with everything you have learnt from 2020. Here are specific steps to help you set that goal and conquer whatever it may be you wish to accomplish :

1.   Set a goal that lights you up. This can be anything but something that gives you that fire in your belly to give you the energy you need to achieve and conquer more than anything. Don’t think about the how or the when, we’ll get to that later – just focus on the what.

2.   Identify your current roadblocks that may be of resistance or get in the way of your success. Write these down so you can be aware and prepared when you are faced with challenges along the way. 

3.   Become familiar with the problem you are facing. Why are you setting this goal? Is there something that you are facing now that is having a negative impact on your life? Or something that you are looking to feel or acquire but have fear or disbelief around it?

4.   Step into your power (this may be outside of your comfort zone to begin with) & create a plan. If it is a long-term goal you need to break it down into short term goals and stages that are attainable.

5.   Seek help where you need it. Do not feel like you have to isolate yourself. Put yourself in a strong proximity where you are going to be able to achieve your goal.

6.   Execute – Practice what you preach and put your plan into action.

Prioritize your focus and just FOCUS on your goals and making 2021 the year you know you will be proud of.  

“Be relentless on your goal but flexible in the plan”.

2020 has been the year of learning and patience and now it is time to build on that. 2021 is the year to BUILD – head into the new year with that mindset and push to achieve our goals more than ever before.

Let’s re-wire for tomorrow and say thank you to 2020 – not just goodbye. Because 2020 has taught us so much and has helped to shape the new version of who we want to be, as we step into a much bigger and better 2021!!

Yours truly, 

Fitness 360