Your daily routines and habits are what determine your success ????

Same person.
6 years difference and two very different types of lifestyles and very different mindsets ????
I remember the first picture like it was yesterday..
My week was work Mon- Fri and just get through the week to ‘enjoy’ the weekend. By enjoy, I mean binge drink and then spend sunday talking about Saturday night. Yes id go to netball training or sometimes the gym during the week but never felt like I was getting anywhere. I tried detox diets , juice clense, restrictive eating and meal replacement shakes. I always felt uncomfortable and a little embarrassed. I thought to be happy was to fit in and to fit in I had to be skinny. I could never stay consistent long enough to see any lasting change.
I was frustrated, annoyed , insecure beyond wonds and I was kidding myself. .
Fast forward to now in the second pic where I no longer dread Mondays, I am mindful throughout the week and still enjoy my weekends. I can ran 5 kms. I actually love eating well and moving my body. I have SO MUCH more energy and endurance and I make far better choices and value myself and time. Sure I still have my own insecurities, like anyone does but I feel so much more myself and it’s a much nicer place to be. Healthier inside and out ????
Its not easy. Its not a quick fix. Its a lifestyle and its your health. Its important.
Change your daily routines and rituals until they become habits.
Like I said , 6 years difference so it won’t happen overnight but as long as it lasts its worth it every time.
This is ME!
Ash ????